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Governor Decree No. 38/2012 on Green Building (Pergub 38/2012)

Jakarta Provincial Government, with the support of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Swiss Government and the Government of Hungary, has published Pergub 38/2012 as a reference for the community to realize the implementation of buildings that takes into account the aspects of conservation and use resources efficiently.

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How to comply ?

Learn about User Guidance for Green Building

User Guidance for Green Building now available for all stakeholders to provide more understanding on technical requirements and translate them into building design.

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30:30 Commitment<

Jakarta as Center of Excellence of Green Building

Jakarta has set new vision in 2030 in reducing 30% energy consumption, 30% CO2 emission, and 30% water consumption. Find more information in Grand Design for Green Building Implementation.

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Grand Design of Green Building Implementation

Learn more about Green Building implementation
to achieve 30:30 Commitment


To be

The Center of Excellence of

Green Building implementation in Indonesia.


new buildings


existing buildings
meet Jakarta Green Building compliance in 2030


3.785 GWh
energy saving
2,4 billion liters
water saving
3,37 million tons CO2e
CO2emission reduction


Learn more about Governor Decree 38/2012 and other code and regulations related to Green Building implementation in Jakarta.

Scope of

for New Building

for Existing Building

User Guidance

Guidelines for Green Building Implementation


As in May 2016, green building code implementation in Jakarta has resulted in 260 buildings with more than 15 million sqm, with total saving as follows:

Energy Saving
Cost Saving
US Dollar/year
CO2 Reducing
Metric Tons/year


"We have more than 15 million sqm for Low Cost Rented Apartment which will comply green building requirements. We will built them in according to this requirements."

testimony 3 Basuki Tjahaja Purnama Gubernur DKI Jakarta

"We are very proud to become a partner of Jakarta Provincial Government in pioneering this initiative. Steps taken by the Jakarta Provincial Government will not only improve energy efficiency, but also create opportunities for the private sector to develop infrastructure, housing and buildings that are environmentally friendly."

testimony 2 Azam Khan IFC Country Manager untuk Indonesia dan Malaysia

"We are the last generaton who can tackle climate change. Ready or not, we need to act right now. Building is one of the biggest emitter, and green building is considered as a real action to conserve and protect our environment."

testimony 3 Siti Adiningsih Adiwoso Chairperson Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI)

"Ciputra Residence believes that green buildings are an essential tool for sustainable development to ensure long term stability, growth and return for developer and investor. Awareness of green buildings is increasing in Jakarta, as shown by increased property buyer/ renter preference for buildings that follow such standards."

testimony 2 Budiarsa Sastrawinata President Director PT Ciputra Residences

"Jakarta government's mandatory green building regulations can be an important tool for controlling resource use, operational cost, GHG emissions and climate change. Recognizing the effectiveness and the multiple benefits of building regulations is critical for governments and local authorities to help realize and balance development and environmental objectives."

testimony 2 Curt Garrigan Division of Technology, Industry and Economics
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

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